Monday, August 08, 2005

Want to subscribe to the PPS Review Podcast via iTunes?

Somebody emailed us asking the following.
Hi guys, good effort on putting out the pps review podcast. I have a small problem subscribe this podcast using ITunes. I use this url "" is this correct?
The answer to this question is in two parts:
  1. Yes, is the correct feed to use at the moment to subscribe to the podcast.
  2. To subscribe to this podcast using iTunes either drag its URL into your podcasts library, or type the URL into Subscribe to Podcast under the Advanced menu.

I also tried to get the podcast into the official iTunes directory, but no luck - you need to be a member of the Apple website to do so, and only people with credit cards with mailing addresses from the US, most of Europe, Singapore and Australia can be members. Strange, but true.


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