Sunday, September 04, 2005

PPS Review Ep. 5

Shownotes at New Look PPS / Merdeka Blogger Project / Nasi Kandar Pelita in Chennai / Five star hotel reneges on five sen / Patriotic flag girl / Kenny Sia's Babes of Malaysian Blogs / Richard Stallman / Music we like.

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Blogger sashi said...

Eh? What was that beep all about?

05 September, 2005 08:07  
Blogger sashi said...

About the music - try your hand at Beaterator (hours of fun - although the downside is you need IE to use it...)

05 September, 2005 08:37  
Blogger Dzof said...

The beep is basically me trying to beep someone's name out without interupting the flow of the conversation and yet failing to do it convincingly.

05 September, 2005 11:30  
Anonymous n305er said...

You know, you'd probably get some less popular artiste to write theme songs or use their songs which would probably be nicer and more suitable then already popular songs...

perhaps, music canteen's website or

BTW, that wasn't a beep... That was a toot... :P

05 September, 2005 17:12  
Blogger Lucia Lai said...

yep i am from penang. though i am not a hokkien but a hakka but i speak hokkien more than hakka (don't know hakka in fact!).

yes i have heard of john ong's penang hokkien podcast a week ago. interesting podcast there. he and his friends are very hilarious and they can talk 'adult' content too. :)

hey since you publicise his site, i should tell him about it, so that he can link you up.

06 September, 2005 01:43  
Anonymous David said...

Hi guys, I just discovered this blog and your podcast. I must say I was very entertained - especially with Errolyn's antics. Keep it up and I bet you 2 will be the Dawn and Drew of M'sia haha.

08 September, 2005 08:40  
Anonymous John Ong said...


Another fun fun episode.

My boyfriend and I were riding in the car to a different city for the Labor Day holiday (different the US). We both enjoyed the show. I love E! No offense D, but E, I am going to have to record a show together if we ever meet up.

Anyway, good job E & D.

I'm going to be talking about you guys in my up coming shows. That's going to be on the English podcast. I know there'll be several of them who'd love your show.

PPS Podcast BOLEH!

08 September, 2005 11:05  
Blogger dannyFoo said...

Listening to it..

* * * * *

Good note about the personalized styling. I'll probably do that when the design/color version is done. Then after that I'll work closely with CheeAun (developing CSS) to have a stripped down version. No images but minimalist as maximum I could see fit. :)

Thanks for mentioning my effort and the Merdeka Blogger Project again.

I might add a PPS Review Update button or something in the new PPS or even on my blog. That way it helps the duo of you to promote your efforts. ;)


08 September, 2005 13:54  
Blogger dannyFoo said...

Oh yeah, the both of you still can post on the Merdeka Blogger if you want. You can also have your posts plugged without registering. Just let the team know and we'll plug it. :)

08 September, 2005 13:55  
Anonymous laineylashes said...

cute :)

11 September, 2005 17:39  

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