Sunday, September 18, 2005

PPS Review Ep. 7

Shownotes at Podcast at blogger meetup? / Malaysian Idol / Another Malaysian Podcast / Plagiarised article in the Malay Mail / Cut and Paste Blogs / Blogger chases down offensive commenter / Yvonne Foong and William Quah, sitting in a tree... / Order pizza in Selangor via Penang / Kung Fu Mosquito Killer / LKW University College won't take money
Download the podcast (20 MB)(alternate download)


Anonymous ZEO said...

dude, how bout next time put the file size also.


18 September, 2005 22:51  
Blogger Dzof said...

File size added. Normally do that, missed it this time. Sorry about that.

18 September, 2005 23:45  
Blogger dannyFoo said...

And Danny Foo is trying difficulty to satisfy all PPS pingers. :P

18 September, 2005 23:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh god hyper shrieking too early in the morning

19 September, 2005 09:18  
Blogger graceshu said...

oops that was me :P

19 September, 2005 09:34  
Blogger graceshu said...

um. am not exactly sure why you picked the subject (discussed on my weblog) but would just like to point out the whole non-issue of the non-issue if you missed it. it's in the comments. and um. thanks. i think.

19 September, 2005 10:31  
Anonymous sweelin said...

cannot download! :(
manually or even through itunes

19 September, 2005 21:24  
Blogger sashi said...

For those who can't download the MP3 from linked location in the post, you can download it here instead:

20 September, 2005 12:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this podcast is brilliant.

22 September, 2005 02:08  
Blogger teckiee said...

Hi team, thanks for the input and feedback on otF. Appreciate it =) Love the cast too. Fed it to my demon already too! Cherios~

23 September, 2005 20:53  

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