Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Delay in Episode 9

This post is to apologise about the delay in coming out with Episode 9. I should have done it by yesterday but life has a bad habit of getting in the way of work.

Bear with me, as a teaser, topics we discussed were: Why Daniel won MI, Applying to Oxford University, Lim Kit Siang's Blog and Hot Mamas at a kindergarten concert.


Anonymous suresh said...

Hi Dzof,
Hows life? came to u r podcast page after long time. good to see that u r continous podcasting effort. hope u know abt Odeo. u can listen Podcast Online. Good site. i find u r podcast in the site. Heres the link for u r podcast in Odeo. check it out.

06 October, 2005 12:01  
Blogger Jessy said...

Can't wait for the review. :D
I love reading them.

06 October, 2005 22:03  
Blogger dannyFoo said...

hot mamas at a kids concert..? where..?! :P

10 October, 2005 11:20  

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